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Diver with shotgunThank you for your interest in Public Safety Diving! At UCI, we look forward to assisting you in your Public Safety Dive training. UCI specializes in training police, fire, rescue, commercial and military personnel from all over the world to be professional Underwater Criminal Investigators.

These specially trained divers provide a vital service by responding as an extension of the law enforcement community. They are uniquely qualified to provide recovery diving services, otherwise known as "underwater criminal investigations." This capability is quickly becoming the most requested service for any public safety dive team.

UCI is not your "average" public safety dive training company. For example:

  • UCI is the recognized experts in underwater criminal investigations.
  • UCI is the ONLY PSD training company that specializes in law enforcement/police diving techniques. ALL the other PSD training companies specialize in Rescue diving.
  • UCI is the ONLY company in the world that has students recover real criminal evidence during training; providing techniques that work!
  • UCI is the ONLY PSD Training company that offers the Master Underwater Criminal Investigator  certification as well as the Master Public Safety Diver certification.
  • UCI licenses NEVER expire and are recognized worldwide!
  • The UCI website is the largest PSD website in the world. It's designed to provide you with vital tools, information, photographs, and forms for your convenience.

As you can see, UCI takes our dive training responsibility very seriously. Our courses are "performance based" which allow us to build a solid foundation in your public safety diving skills and  knowledge. To practice and expand your abilities, we offer a full range of continuing education programs that specifically address your needs as a Public Safety Diver.

September 11, 2001 (9/11), changed the focus of public safety forever. Our capabilities and services must  now meet the growing challenges and threats to our security as well as the pre existing calls for services. Aquatically, our responsibilities must expand from providing rescue and recovery operations to a broader, proactive approach in prevention, responding to and recovery from a wider range of aquatic possibilities.

Threats inside as well as outside our borders come in many forms ranging from bombings, chemical exposure, weapons of mass destruction  (WMD), robbery, extortion, drug body1adealing, kidnapping, and murder. To meet these threats, our public safety dive teams must be professionally equipped and trained in order to survive and succeed the growing challenges they face. It's not enough to have a basic understanding of public safety diving anymore! 

Every underwater recovery, be it victim or evidentiary in nature has a high potential of involving a criminal investigation. In fact, underwater criminal investigations is the most active part of public safety diving. So, having highly trained PSD Underwater Criminal Investigators poised and ready to meet today's challenges has never been so important.

Underwater criminal investigations requires a special breed of public safety diver. Men and women who can not only handle the stresses of working in harsh and unforgiving environments but who can respond as trained professional underwater criminal investigators who are an extension of the criminal investigative team. These capabilities and services are essential for today's public safety agencies.

To be a professional Underwater Criminal Investigator, it takes the right attitude, equipment and most importantly, the right training. The training you receive should not only be geared towards creating highly competent scuba divers, but towards creating true investigators who specialize in the aquatic environment. If done right, this combination of training will enable the divers to participate in car3bagshighly complex and dangerous criminal recovery operations in various aquatic conditions.

The training you receive must be of the highest standards taught by only  highly trained and experienced professional Underwater Criminal Investigators. With this in mind, UCI courses focus on helping you meet the NFPA standards, NIMS PSD definitions and FEMA's Public Safety Dive "Team Typing" definitions and guidelines.

UCI would like to assist you in meeting the challenges of today's public safety divers and direct your training in underwater criminal investigations, which is the most active and requested service for the PSD professional. We invite you therefore, to become a part of our family of licensed PSD Underwater Criminal Investigators: a family of dedicated professionals, committed to the protection of the citizens for whom we serve. God Bless.

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A message from Mike Berry, UCI's Founder and President


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