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UCI (Undwater Criminal Investigators®) was founded in 1987 in order to provide professional public safety diving/law enforcement training to the world's public safety diving community. Our goal is to mold the students into true professional public safety divers and investigators who specialize in the underwater environment.

UCI believes that in order to teach others how to conduct any Public Safety Diving technique, be it rescue or law enforcement related, the instruction must be based on experience. What you'll find is that many courses being offered today are  developed and taught by individuals who lack this essential ingredient. This is what sets UCI apart.

UCI courses are taught by highly qualified UCI instructors who have years of experience as public safety divers and underwater criminal investigators. Our instructors are also unique in that they are all hand-picked public safety and law enforcement dive team leaders/SCUBA instructors who are recognized for their experience, abilities and leadership skills. Their assistants are also UCI professionals with years of experience and training . To insure quality control and that each UCI course and UCI student receives the best possible training available, each course is either taught or monitored by Mike Berry, UCI's founder and head instructor to insure quality control. 

UCI's programs are not easy. They are designed to be true "hands-on" training programs focusing on giving the students the knowledge, skills, and abilities to conduct public safety diving/underwater criminal investigations. This is accomplished with programs designed to be challenging and full of the information that you need to know to succeed as a public safety diver.

These classes are kept small in order to allow each student to fully participate and understand the training being taught. During each program, UCI students actually search for criminal evidence proving the techniques taught work and are understood. UCI Records: One UCI class recovered $28,000.00 worth of stolen merchandise in one day. Another found 12 weapons, three of which were involved in homicides. UCI does more than talk about it, we do it!studentwbuoy

If you are searching for a company that will provide professional training and will give you the knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed and survive as a true professional Public Safety Diver and Underwater Criminal Investigator, you've come to the right place!

UCI wants to invite you to become part of our family; a family of dedicated professionals, committed to the protection of the citizens for which we serve. God Bless.

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