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The following is some information to several types of recovery operations. I hope this information helps and points you in the right direction.

Vehicle Recovery: Underwater vehicle recovery can be a very challenging and dangerous undertaking if not approached and conducted properly.

Locating and Recovering Evidence: Each piece of evidence should tend to prove a material fact. When you think about it, every piece of evidence discovered will mean something to the case. Each piece becomes a part to the puzzle (the crime) and has its own little story to tell. Our job is to find the pieces and put them back together so they tell us the true story.

Body Recovery and Handling: How do you train someone to handle body recovery? Mentally, it's so different than anything else we do as recovering divers.  The fact is you either have the ability in you or you don't! You either can do it or you can't!

Rescue vs. Recovery: As underwater criminal investigators, it's important to be trained not only in recovery diving but, rescue diving as well. This knowledge and training will allow us to properly respond and handle drowning cases.